African women can never support GMOs – Women Groups

organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM)
organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM)
By Atâyi Babs

Women’s groups under the aegis of the African Working Group on Gender and Climate Change (AWGGCC) at a recent conference in Marrakech, Morocco have identified the increase in women’s access to productive resources such as land, credit, transfer and enhancement of indigenous technology as instrumental to transforming Africa’s agriculture.

Priscilla Achakpa of the Working Group decried the slow advancement and transformation of African women’s access to formal education and called on African governments to implement policies that support gender research and full documentation of impact of climate change on gender as well as build the capacity of women to participate in key decision-making processes.

In this interview,  Achakpa reveals why African women will never support Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


Priscilla Achakpa