Conference explores increased access to carbon markets for women

(PHOTO: French Foreign Affairs Ministry)
(PHOTO: French Foreign Affairs Ministry)

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

On Friday 16th of October, a few days before the last negotiations in Bonn ahead of COP 21, the French Ministry of foreign affairs and International development organized a conference on women and climate change challenges.

This conference which aimed to increase women’s access to carbon market and to take climate action brought together about a hundred participants. Secretary-General of the Francophonie International Organisation, Michael Jean, Chairman of the High Council for equal opportunities for women and men, Danielle Bousquet,  and Director of the Special Initiatives Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Dr Fatima Denton were among participants.

Mrs Denton who is also in charge of the African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC) of UNECA gave her view on how  women can have access to finance with regards to the carbon market.

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  1. Africa has been the Cradle that nursed the civilisation that we know today. Africa is a Potent Source of meterial that fuelled the Industrial revolution. Africa remains easily the biggest Global Carbon Sink.

    However the problem has been that the value (pricing) of what Africa inadvertently provides is determined and fixed without our active participation. The Price of carbon is being subjected to the same system, howbeit with Global consequences. COP21 must re-examine the trends in the Carbon markets as part of its overall strategy to reach a further Legally binding Legal agreement in Paris