Namibia captures lions responsible for killing 200 livestock

Lion in North West Namibia
Lion in North West Namibia

Namibia has successfully captured five of the eight lions that were involved in the killing of over 200 livestock in Torra Conservancy Kunene recently, a government official said on Wednesday.

The lions initially killed 86 goats and sheep but days later killed about 171 livestock in a private farm in the same area.

In an interview, a ministry Spokesperson Romeo Muyunda said staff members from Ministry of Agriculture were still tracking the remaining three lions for possible capture.

He said the ministry handled Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) seriously and denied allegations that the ministry was not acting in the interest of wildlife conservation.

Muyunda could neither confirm nor deny reports that the remaining three lions had been killed by farmers in the area.

HWC is a problem in Namibia and the country is currently working to find ways to control the situation.

The ministry is currently finalising the review of the National Policy on Human Wildlife Conflict Management endorsed by the country’s cabinet and will go to parliament for final consideration and approval.

The captured lions would soon be relocated.