ECOWAS Parliament meets over effects of climate change on agriculture

Map of West Africa
Map of West Africa

Members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament opened this Tuesday a five day meeting in Banjul to discuss solutions for climate change effects on agricultural productivity in the sub-region.

The speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Mustapha Ceesay Lowe, said the meeting will be looking into integration as well as field trips in the West African state.

“The problems of agriculture and food security remain concerns despite plans and resolutions. The problem is more than policies but also rainfall and the effects of climate change. We will be looking into challenges and discuss solutions during the meeting which can bring food security in the region,” he said.

The speaker of the Gambia national assembly, Mariam Jack Denton said, the meeting on sustainable agriculture in the context of climate change is timely and crucial.

She said agricultural productivity and growth in West Africa are under threat from erratic rainfall.

“It is therefore essential that we are gathered here to brainstorm on prioritization of climate-smart options and portfolios for investment with a view to providing innovative solutions towards the complex and integrated goals of increasing yields,” she said.

The Gambia has seen an uneven distribution of rainfall in 2017 farming season which officials said has hugely impacted on the crops.