Guinea Bissau to cooperate with Russia on agriculture

An agric processing plant

Guinea Bissau will seek cooperation with Russia to develop agriculture sector, the ambassador of Guinea Bissau to Russia, Seko Intchasso, said on Friday.

“We have a very good relationship with Russia and [we cooperate] in the field of fishery … in the military field.

“In agriculture we are trying to present different projects … and to have more cooperation in the agricultural field,” Seko Intchasso said on the sidelines of the Kazan Summit 2018.

Speaking about potential areas of agricultural cooperation, the ambassador mentioned potential exports of cashews to Russia.

The diplomat added that either the prime minister or the foreign minister of the African state could visit Russia in 2018 in order to sign accords in a number of other fields, such as energy, education or tourism.

The relations between Moscow and Bissau were established in 1973.

According to the Russian foreign ministry, the bilateral ties are going through “a formative stage’’ at the current moment and are mostly regulated by the accords reached in the Soviet times.

The ministry added that the existing situation in Guinea Bissau could lay the groundwork for development of close ties between the two countries.