Nigeria, Benin republic collaborate to address migration, security challenges at borders

A drifting migrant ship
A drifting migrant ship

The Institute for Peace and Strategy Studies (IPSS), University of Ibadan, says it will collaborate with the University of Abomey Calavi-Benin to address migration and security challenges in Nigeria and Benin Republic borders.

Prof. Tajudeen Akanji, Chairman, National Planning Committee, IPSS, made this known on Wednesday in a circular on the Border Community Development Agency (BCDA) board in Abuja, Nigeria.

Dr KoffiBenoit SOSSOU, University of Abomey Calavi-Benin and Dr Willie Eselebor, IPSS, UI, jointly signed the circular.

They said that the organisations would address the issues at the forthcoming 2018 Border Regions In-Transition (BRIT) Conference scheduled for Oct. 15 to 18, at Ibadan and Cotonou simultaneously.

The 2018 conference is the 16th Edition, also a biennial event, titled “North-South Dialogue and Border Management.’’

According to them, the conference is aimed at enabling scholars and practitioners from the global North and South to critically exchange ideas.

“It is also to improve border management for the betterment of Nigeria and Benin Republic in the context of the emerging problems of human migration.

“For now, borders in the global North are under pressure from migrants from the global South.

“What are the push and pull factors for both regular and irregular migration from the South to the North in the modern world?

“What global, regional and national border control mechanisms exist for dealing with the problems and how adequate are they?

“What can be actionably done towards improving good border management practices in a way beneficial to the two countries?

“What form should the dialogue between the North and South on border issues take? These are the related issues that will be addressed during the conference.’’

The signatories added that the conference would also appraise existing policy frameworks, instruments, institutional arrangements and opportunities for managing borders, as well as raising awareness on global migration crisis.

“The conference would encourage information exchange; identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in coordination among the different actors in crisis management of borders,’’ they said.