ClimateReporters is Africa’s first and largest online newspaper dedicated to opening new vistas in the coverage and reportage of climate change and the region’s environment.

With a multi-lingual team of talented reporters from across the region, we tell the African climate story in a refreshingly lucid, communally engaging and technically robust manner.

ClimateReporters is a fast-developing online newspaper and news resource that brings its readers up-to-date information on environmental issues throughout the world with a particular focus on Africa. Whenever an environmental story breaks, you will find coverage in ClimateReporters.

ClimateReporters provides an interesting mix of environmental news stories that will provoke thought as well as stimulate climate action. We do not simply focus on the big stories, but seek out some of more unusual and controversial environmental issues from around the world.

ClimateReporters focuses attention on the present and future environmental issues facing the health of our planet in general and Africa in particular as well as the people it supports. We are out to inform, educate, enable and create a platform for regional and global environmental action.


An informed, environment-friendly and climate-conscious citizenry living in a safe and serene African environment, free from climate disasters and environmental despoliation


To provide vistas for sharing and understanding climate information leading to concerted actions aimed at preserving the African climate.